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Many of our clients seek to invest in real estate in Portugal, benefiting from a sustainable growth market, in a country with security and a unique quality of life, with a stable exchange rate.


IdPortugal, with the support of a set of carefully selected real estate agents, assists its clients in the acquisition of properties.

We are a guarantor of trust in relationships with third parties, ensuring that the client will not be harmed by not knowing in detail the market conditions, the best locations, or legal and tax procedures in force.

We always follow the clients throughout the process, acting as part of the visit to the property and in the relationship with real estate agents.

If necessary, we will be able to assist with the negotiation and conclusion of lease agreements, allowing you to support it in generally bureaucratic and time-consuming processes.

Short or long term rental of your property

Our goal is to ensure our clients maximize their income in holding the property, while ensuring that it remains in the best conditions, avoiding its degradation.

We work with partners who support us in the short or long term rental of the property.

We ensure that all aspects related to the management of the property (maintenance, cleaning, current expenses, insurance or taxes) are properly treated, contributing to the protection of our clients’ investments.

Property sale management

The property sale management program frees the client from the pressure arising from the need to dispose their porpery.

IdPortugal may oversee the entire property disclosure process, ensuring the reliability of the entire sale operation and guarantying that the best market conditions, as well as, if necessary, the compliance with all tax obligations.