Portuguese nationality

globeAt idPortugal, we are proud to support people wishing to obtain the Portuguese nationality. In this sense, we guarantee the assistance by qualified professionals in the application process of nationality, with the purpose of guaranteeing the reliability and efficiency of the process.

The Law allows Portuguese nationality to be cumulated with other nationalities, and it may be acquired at birth or during life.

There are several ways to acquire Portuguese nationality, depending on the place of birth, the time of permanence in Portugal, the nationality of the relatives, the relationship with the Portuguese community, among other factors.

The Law allows children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren (depending on the case) of people not born in Portuguese territory to acquire the nationality of their relatives (by way of attribution or acquisition).

idPortugal ensures the assistance by qualified professionals in the process of application for Portuguese nationality. You can count on our experience in this kind of process.

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            Portuguese ID Card

Main advantages in obtaining Portuguese nationality:

  • By obtaining the Portuguese nationality, you have the right to visit, live and work in Portugal with your family, without the need to obtain any other visas / permits
  • As Portugal is an European Union Member-Satet, Portuguese citizens have the right to visit, live and work in all 28 countries of the union with their families
  • In addition, European citizens are welcome when visiting most parts of the world, such the United States or Canada (simplified visas)