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IdPortugal provides, with the support of a set of carefully selected real estate agents, home acquisition or rental services (whether short or long term).

We understand that our clients, whether they are relocating to Portugal – for weeks, months or years – or just looking for a simple investment, always look for the house that best suits their desires, in terms of location, decoration, typology, etc.

Thus, in the light of the values ​​of its brand (About Us), idPortugal seeks incessantly to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, so that they feel like Portugal as their home.

We bring trust in the relationships of our clients with third parties, ensuring that the clients will not be harmed by not properly knowing the real estate market conditions, best locations or the legal and tax procedures in force.

We always follow closely our clients throughout the process, participate in the visits, and being actively involved int the relationship with sellers / lessors and / or real estate agents. idPortugal assists their clients in the negotiation and conclusion of the rental agreements, which are often bureaucratic and time-consuming.