About us

We have an extensive experience in assisting individuals and businesses entering in Portugal (inbound investment), as well as in supporting Portuguese entities entering in international jurisdictions (outbound investment).

idPortugal has been providing services to wide range of nationalities, including but not only brazilian nationals, investors from other EU Member States and others.

Recently, due to the growing interest in obtaining Portuguese nationality, investing in, relocating to or just visiting Portugal, we have been expanding the scope of services provided.

We work with long-time partners, recognized and specialized in their areas of activity, who help us to take care of the interests of our clients. Our services are based on three fundamental principles: trust, agility and partnership.



For us, this is the principle that comes first. We are dealing with the private interests of our customers and their families, so we understand that no detail should be overlooked. We put our team dedicated in full-time to solving the issues of our clients. We guarantee maximum reliability in our procedures and the total confidentiality of our operations. We always act in full compliance with the applicable legal, regulatory and fiscal regulations.


We seek to provide the best possible service and this premise includes coordinating processes in quick and efficient ways. We keep our clients informed of the status of processes at every step, so they are always sure that their interests always come first. The speed in solving the various processes is one of our priorities.


We ultimately want our clients to see us, not as a mere service provider, but above all as a partner, someone who will defend their interests as if they were are own. At idPortugal, we understand that each client brings us unique situations, which should be, therefore, properly targeted according to their particularities.